Lori Kee

Lori  Kee
Lori Kee--Director- NYC directing credits: Paper Dragon by Alisha Silver (MTS) - It's 3:45 am? That's Absurd. by Michael Birch (Red Room); Bricken Sparacino’s: I’m Not Sure I Liked the Way You Licked Me (MTS, USM), & Are We Freaks (Kraine); Tanforan by Christine Toy Johnson, The Experiment by Bella Poynton, Why by Andrea Kuchlewska ( all TBG); Old Places by Elisa Abatsis (Naked Stages); Everything Will Be Alright by Tariq Hamami (BMCC); CJ Ehrlich’s: Tuesdays in the Park (American Globe), Homespun Webs (WAHC); Through the Hourglass (BMCC) & Male Man (Medicine Show).
Death, it happens: A girl’s guide to death as Director
Are We Freaks? as Director
Sisters Grimm: Fables of the Stage as Performer and director