Shoshinz is Japanese for "shy timid people," but thissurreal Tokyo comedian is subservient to nothing and no one. 

Shoshinz started performing in 2005. All shows are produced byYanomi, who is a theater actress in Japan. Her delicate silences and coy demeanorwill lure you in, and then they will bend your mind with brilliant physicaltheater, dance, absurd music and song. 

Yanomi was a member of the Ryuzanji Company, a performancetroupe which has created a wide variety of theater works that have beenperformed in Japan as well as in such countries as Canada, Russia, Iran,Europe, and many other Asian countries.

She utilized her vast theater experience and formed Shoshinz,with her theater partner Kuronatsu, and together they started out at a smallbar in Tokyo. She has studied classic and contemporary dance, tap dance,classic music (opera singing) as well to develop her skill to express her ownunique fantasy world.


Yanomi has a strong desire to cross over genres, and hastherefore created a truly unique show which has a fearless mix of bizarreantics. She performed with her partner tirelessly at bars, live music venues,club events, parties, schools, theaters, and also on the street. Afterfour-and-a-half years, she had embarked on a solo career.


Regardless of age or sex or nationality, audience members arealways pleasantly surprised and delighted when they watch Yanomi's show. Andmost people come away from it unable to find the words to describe exactly whatthey have seen!


Shoshinz performed at The Montreal Fringe Festival 2007 and2008, where many of their shows were standing-room only. They were a huge hitin their first U.S. tour (which included the cities of Portland, Seattle,Bellingham, Sacramento, San Francisco, Nevada City, and Los Angeles, and wasproduced by Andrew Connor) in 2009.


Shoshinz spent five months touring the United States andCanada in the summer of 2010, receiving rave reviews and standing ovations fromOrlando, Florida to Vancouver, Canada, and everywhere in between. At every stopShoshinz was greeted with deep enthusiasm for her explosive energy and radicalperformance innovations. 


The latest Shoshinz piece, 'A Day in the Life of MissHiccup', won awards across the continent, including 'Bestof Fest' at The Winnipeg Fringe, 'Spirit of the Fringe' and 'Talkof the Fringe' at The Vancouver Fringe, and the 'Best Make-up and CostumingAward' at The Orlando Fringe.


In 2012 this solo show won 'Director's Award' at TheCapital Fringe Festival in DC, and got many great reviews including TheWashington Post as well.


Yanomialso started Osara Soup with twomore performers in 2011. 'My Exploding Family' directed byYanomi won 'Best Production English Theatre' at Montreal Fringe 2012, 'Patron'sPick' and 'Best International Show' at The Orlando Fringe 2012.


A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup as Performer and director