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Thu 2/28 @ 9pm
Sat 3/1 @ 5:30pm
Tue 3/4 @ 7:30pm
Sat 3/8 @ 7pm
Sun 3/9 @ 2:30pm

Do you have the balls to become a man?  XY(T) brings to life a series of questions, contradictions, and characters around the theme of testosterone.  Veering between playful,  poignant, hilarious, and disconcerting, transgender butch Kestryl Lowrey strips away layers of gender and self in pursuit of sex and sanity  within embodied masculinity.

XY(T) is written and performed by Kestryl Lowrey. This is the New York City premiere of XY(T)
XY(T) had its world premiere in May 2007, at Fir Acres Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

The Cast and crew

Kestryl Lowrey graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a BA in Theatre and Anthropology in 2007.  He moved to New York as a middle-school teacher, but finds performing to be his preferred mode for appearing in front of large groups of people.  Previous West Coast credits include: Alice (The Lory/The Duchess/The White Queen), The Balcony (The Beggar/The Slave), and The Language of Paradox.  He is currently developing a new piece about madness and forced institutionalization in America. 



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Ms. Baptiste 5 Stars ***** I guess I have a thing for comedy and new subjects.