This Winter Horse Trade and EXIT Theatre return to bring you a festival that is uncensored, unjuried and totally downtown.

Jihad for Vent and Dummy

Wed 2/25
6:00 PM
Sat 2/28
7:00 PM
Mon 3/02
9:00 PM
Fri 3/06
9:00 PM
Sat 3/07
2:30 PM
Sun 3/08
4:00 PM

A deadly puppet skirmish that pulls your strings. Theatre, frivolity and horror collide. Welcome to the Ruby Lounge for a shocking confession. Actor/ventriloquists Ron Coulter and Sid Star say, “You may never again believe in belief or other weapons of mass distraction.”

JIHAD for VENT and DUMMY is not for very young children

Coulter and Star work with theatre, puppetry, mime and ventriloquism to explore the relationship between theatre, religion and human aspiration.  Few ventriloquists risk the demands of character and plot driven theatre.  Together we have written, produced and/or directed hundreds of plays, entertainments, theatre workshops titled the Poetry of Event and directed a drama school.

Cast and Crew

“polished and accomplished comedy duo....pulled off one of those magic theatrical moments as they set up and then deconstructed the whole premise ... had the audience transfixed. It was one of those rare moments when puppetry shows what it can do and then goes a step further, showing you what it can't do, all the while doing it.”
Michael Nelson, President
San Francisco Bay Area Puppeteers’ Guild

“excellent, thoughtful and focused .... the esoteric complexity of Jihad, is real theatre that just happens to have a man and a puppet as the actors .... it's groundbreaking material.”
Rick Johnson

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Jihad for Vent and Dummy
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courageous and thoughtful; funny!
sherry engle
It was excellent.  Either unfortunate or AMAZINGLY GENIUS.
Chris Stave